Organics Organic Certified Kidney Beans

As part of Chippewa Valley Bean’s continued effort to provide the best service for our customers, we decided to expand our product line and became organic certified in 2016. Entering our second year, we look forward to working with the small group of dedicated organic growers to provide unrivaled sustainability, traceability, food safety and quality in all of our products.

In the past, there seemed to have been an idea that customers would accept a lower quality product just because it was farmed organically. One of the reasons we decided to branch into organics is because our customers asked us for “Chippewa Quality” organics and we knew we could accept that challenge. We are now expanding and anticipating our future in the organic market by building a dedicated, state-of-the-art drying and storage facility exclusively for our organic intake as part of our promise to provide the best service possible to our growers and our customers.

If you are interested in growing for us or purchasing the highest quality organic dark red kidney beans available, please contact Charles Wachsmuth at 715-664-8342.

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Charles Wachsmuth

Vice President of Sustainability / Sales & Marketing