Concert & Fundraiser

Posted: June 16, 2017

Of the many benefits of adding pulses to your diet, many do not realize that they are commonly recommended for those diagnosed with diabetes and those who are pre-diabetic. The high fiber content combined with their complex carbohydrates allow the body to slowly digest the nutrients without risking a spike in blood sugar, making it the perfect addition to the diets of diabetics. Chippewa Valley Bean has teamed up with the Community Foundation of Dunn County to sponsor the Cammie Johnson Diabetes Concert Fundraiser on September 9. The foundation creates awareness and provides financial assistance to individuals and their families who are living with diabetes. We will be spending sometime this summer compiling more information – and some goody bags of dark red kidneys – to provide some insight into the many benefits of pulses for those in attendance. To learn more or to donate yourself, visit

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