Fortune Magazine Spotlights Goya Foods

Posted: November 1, 2016

Fortune Magazine ran a glowing piece on Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S. (And a major buyer of CVB’s Light Red Kidney Beans)

Goya Foods operates 26 factories and produces more than 2,500 food products. It is led by Bob and Peter Unanue, the company’s president and executive vice president, representing the third generation of Unanues, dating back to the company’s founder, their grandfather, Prudencio Unanue, who came to the U.S. from Spain and started Goya Foods in the 1930s.

Goya Foods caters to the growing Hispanic community in the U.S. In 1970, the U.S. Hispanic population totaled nearly 10 million people. Today there are 56 million Hispanics living in the U.S. with buying power of US$ 1.4 trillion, according to Nielsen. Consequently, Goya is raking in US$ 1.4 billion in annual sales.

Goya Foods biggest seller is beans. In addition to its traditional dry bean product, it now also offers microwavable beans to appeal to younger Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers.

As you may or may not know Chippewa Valley Bean ships many of your beautiful Light Red Kidney Beans to Goya plants all over the USA as well as to Puerto Rico.

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