Spilling The Beans

Posted: December 1, 2016

Charitable Giving

For 2016, Chippewa Valley Bean & Doane Ltd have selected two hard working charities to collect donations for. This year we will donate $1500 between Feeding America and to the United Nations Children’s Fund “School in a Box” program. Please feel free to donate to either of these groups and we will match your donation dollar for dollar. Please send us your checks made out to the organization you wish to help and we’ll mail them to either Feeding America or the UN Children’s Fund, along with our match.

2017 Bean Day

Once again it’s time to meet in Fargo to enjoy the wonderful weather and each other’s company. We’re planning dinner at Mezzaluna’s for 7:15 on January 19. Our bus will leave the Holiday Inn at 7:00 PM to take us to Mezzaluna. Please plan to meet in the lobby at 6:45. Please call or email the office to confirm your reservation.

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